Ohio Private Investigator and Detective Services

The Ohio Private Investigator Firm works with experienced private investigators and detectives in Ohio.

Are you looking for a local Ohio private investigator that is licensed in the state of Ohio? If so, the Ohio Private Investigator Firm makes it easy to find OH private investigators near you.

The Ohio Private Investigation Firm works with the best private investigators and detectives in Ohio. Our Ohio investigative team works with former law enforcement officers as well as other local Ohio private investigator companies.

Our team of professional private detectives in Ohio understand the importance of conducting discreet investigations.

Contact one of our OH private detectives today for a free consultation. Ohio PI Firm offers affordable investigative services for the state of Ohio.

Ohio Background Checks

Do you need to get a background check for someone in Ohio? If so, you have come to the right place. Our background checks are used for several reasons.

Are you needing to check up on someone in your life or are in the middle of a legal case? If you are, a background check can be an invaluable tool.

Ohio Cheating Spouse Investigator

Looking for a Ohio Cheating Spouse investigator? Are you concerned that your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an affair? If that’s the case, our Ohio cheating spouse private detectives can get the answers you need. The PI Firm can find out if your significant other is having an affair.

Cheating Spouse FAQs

  • What does hiring a Ohio private investigator cost?
  • How do I hire a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse in Ohio?
  • What is the state law against a cheating spouse in Ohio?
  • How Much Do Ohio Private Investigators Cost?

Ohio Missing Person Investigator

Our network of Ohio PIs have years of experience locating missing people. The Ohio Private Investigator Firm makes it easy to find private investigators in Ohio.

If you need to hire a Ohio Private Detective, then you have come to the right place. We help people find the best professional investigative companies in Ohio.

Ohio Child Custody and Family Law Investigator

We work with a group of trusted Ohio child custody detectives that have the experience in presenting evidence and testifying in court. Contact us today and let us give you peace of mind.

The Ohio PI Firm investigators also conducts family law investigations for the following matters:

  1. Divorce
  2. Child custody
  3. Move away matters
  4. Proving income for child support and spousal support
  5. Proving a parent to be unfit
  6. Family law tailored background check

Ohio Video Surveillance Investigator

Do you need to hire a video surveillance expert in Ohio? If you do, our team of professional PIs can help you get high quality video footage for your case.

Talk to a private detective in Ohio today to get a free quote from one of our licensed private investigators.

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